How to start your FIRST Facebook Page ad campaign in 2023



April 12, 2023



Facebook Ads

Just starting your Facebook page? Tried everything to get likes and post daily? Getting followers is actually a lot easier than most people realize. All you need is a solid brand and GOOD content. We tested our strategy and it works 100%. We have had pages go from literally 13 likes to over 1,500! This isn't even the best part of this strategy! What is the best part? Just wait we will get to that! First lets talk about the main idea behind the strategy and how you can implement it on your page or perhaps even hire us to do it for you!

Lets Get Started!

Strategy Main Idea

Our strategy's main idea is to get people to engage with our page and ultimately get followers. Why do we want to do this? Well its simple really. Our page just doesn't really have any engagement and is stale. We need people to know about our brand and possibly even become customers! Best thing about our followers? We can create a group within our page and invite them to it! We talk all about this strategy in this post. Aside from a group our followers are helping us to build credibility on our page. This credibility can go a very long way and will help to make conversions in your business. Just think about; a potential client is searching for a marketing company and they find yours. Your Marketing Company's page has over 1k likes and great post with engagement from real people whom follow you. We NEED this credibility, it is crucial to ANY business with ANY business model. Without any kind of credibility in your industry and market, your conversions will likely cease to exist. This also will help us in ALL of our future Facebook ad campaigns. Think of it like this: later down the road we run a new ad to sell a product or service we offer. Sounds great! We got good ad copy and a strong message for our potential client or customer. Secret is to also have many likes, followers, and engagement on our page because the prospect will likely see that as well. When they see this it tells them multiple things, the most important being that you are engaged with your customers and they trust you because they follow you. It is like having a special ticket that tells all the prospects that you actually deliver on your product or service and can be trusted.


Great Lets Implement It

To implement our strategy for our Facebook page lets start at the Ad Manager.

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